September 30, 2020 2 min read

The 1st of October is a very significant day to all Nigerians, it is the day we gained our independence from the British empire .On Friday, September 30, 1960, a lot of preparations would have been ongoing across every household in Nigeria. For young men and women of that era, it would have been an opportunity to deck up in their best fashion pieces. After all, in a few hours they were going to become citizens of the world’s newest baby in the comity of nations, a country called Nigeria.
The mood on the streets would have been of excitement, Pubs would have stocked up drinks and disco houses would have polished their floors. But what about fashion? One can imagine how the fashion sense of young men and women of that auspicious day would have gone hyper. Sixty years later today, we try to recreate how the fashion choices of those days contrast with what fashion has evolved to become in present day.

Many old fashionistas would say the 60s and 70s were the golden age of fashion in Nigeria. But was it? at Afratik we put in lots of effort in preserving the "old school" look while adding a bit of modern swagger. We consider history in every stitch and embed culture to every print.


In terms of hairstyles, women of Nigeria’s Independence era fancied a myriad of beautifully intricate threading and weaving that sometimes look like cobwebs  or waves. Puffs and cornrows were popular too and of course, who would ever forget the omnipresent afro.

In the cultural spirit of liberation and independence, our models depict the old school hair with our beautiful prints.

We believe that on the eve Nigeria’s Independence, hairdressers in various cities of the country would probably have gone through a lot of hassle contending with the abundance of customers, who wanted to look their best on the most important day in the land.

To Nigerians Home and abroad we do hope you enjoy today(October 1st) as it is special day indeed, Happy independence day.



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